The Art Of Glen Campbell

Jane Seymour and Glen Campbell painting in Malibu, CA

When world-renowned actress Jane Seymour invited Glen Campbell to join her in her art studio for a free-flowing painting session – she was amazed. Thinking that painting would be a healing and fun experience for Glen, they got together on September 27, 2012 to paint after attending a local arts festival. Glen was hesitant at first, exclaiming that he had “…never painted anything” before.

Jane Seymour and Glen Campbell painting in Malibu, CA. The art of Glen Campbell

With a little encouragement, Glen began putting palette knife and brush to canvas, and quite readily gave up his inhibitions of not being able to paint. With the tuneful accompaniment of lines from his beloved songs, such as “Rhinestone Cowboy” and the tune “Am I Blue,” he ran with it! He became very focused and happy. Glen’s pure enjoyment of the free abstract style, of color and form, provided him with a rhythm, much like his music, and his brushstrokes danced on the canvas. His use of the color blue was quite predictable, as in recent years he loved the color so much that everything around him, including all of his shirts, had to be blue!

Glen Campbell and Jane Seymour painting. The art of Glen Campbell

Through this wonderful collective art experience, two abstract paintings were born from a man who had never before picked up a paintbrush. He said of An Old House:

It’s about the best painting I’ve ever done!

The unique healing power of art therapy is widely recognized. We all know the difference that living with beautiful, colorful artwork makes in our lives – we are happier, and thus healthier. Doctors have studied the healing effects of art and music, and know that they both offer an exceptional creative experience for all ages, and in particular for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Alzheimer’s research has also found that patients’ artistic and musical talents are one of the last of the faculties “to go.” Notably, the Museum of Modern Art in NY has developed the leading art appreciation and engagement program for Alzheimer’s patients in the nation., in conjunction with Coral Canyon Publishing, is proud to present two of Glen’s paintings made on that September day. Am I Blue and An Old House are both available as beautiful, textural, hand-embellished giclees, or as commemorative posters, suitable for framing (or available framed directly through our online store). The giclees are an exact printed and textured replica of Glen’s original, and bare his signature in print, are hand-numbered on the back, and come with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity from Kim Campbell.

We are currently shipping within the United States. Posters can be shipped rolled in a tube or boxed and framed, and giclees are professionally packed and boxed for shipment. All are available right now in our CareLiving Shop for holiday gift giving!


  1. April Simpkins says:

    I love this. When my husband Joe began painting as part of his therapy for Alzheimer’s, he got such a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. He was doing something he had never done before and for a brief time it helped him to express his feelings about what he was going through. He was able to tell me about his paintings in great detail. I’m thankful for those tangible expressions now.

  2. So awesome what a great classy lady. And Glen I watched your weekly show a a young girl. God bless

  3. Fritz Simlinger says:

    just love to see this – Even feel this loving atmosphere around them all

  4. Thank you Kim! Betsy Brown, Longest Day Manager, Alzheimer’s Association, St. Louis Chapter.

  5. Vicki Brookes says:

    God bless you Kim Campbell. Your devotion and care is so inspiring. There are so many people in this world that could learn from your sensitivity and kindness. I saw Glen perform years ago when I went to Las Vegas with my parents. I was 18 years old and still remember how his music penetrated my heart and soul. I am now 59 and I still feel the same way about his songs. I have always loved his music even when all my friends were into “heavier” music. His music is timeless. His voice, his passion, and his lyrics are what make him memorable. And now, there are these incredible paintings. Your are a true example of what it means to be a caring and devoted partner. He is lucky to have you on this journey.

  6. Lesli Williamson says:

    There are some programs around the country like Memories in the Making that are painting sessions for Alzheimer’s sufferers. They have also found that adding essential oils to the painting sessions can help ease agitation.

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