Between Heaven & The Real World

The other night, Ashley had the honor of playing at the Grand Ole’ Opry here in Nashville. Glen would have been so proud of her and surely would have quoted John Wayne’s famous line from True Grit, “She reminds me of me!” I was further elated to find out that Grammy-winning Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman was closing the show that night. Glen and I love his music and raised our kids on it. Needless to say, I made sure to stick around till the end of the show to see him perform.

Steven opened with “Cinderella.” As a dancer, I’m a sucker for any song in ¾ time, and as a romantic I’m enthralled with the notion of finding my prince and living happily ever after. I found my prince in Glen and we’ve had have a magical life together.

Oh I will dance with Cinderella
I don’t want to miss even one song
‘Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight
And she’ll be gone

In the midst of listening to this beautiful music, a feeling of melancholy began to descend on me as I thought about Glen and our current situation due to his Alzheimer’s. Then, as if I was receiving a message from above to stay positive and trust in God’s mercy, Steven played “My Redeemer is Faithful and True.”

As I look back on the road I’ve travelled,
I see so many times He carried me through;
and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my life,
My Redeemer is faithful and true.

Everything He has said He will do,
And every morning His mercies are new.
My Redeemer is faithful and true.

My heart rejoices when I read the promise
There is a place I am preparing for you.
I know someday I’ll see my Lord face to face,
‘Cause my Redeemer is faithful and true.

I met Steven after the show and learned that he has a new book out called Between Heaven & The Real World – My Story. The title immediately resonated with me because that’s exactly how I would describe where I am with Glen since his diagnosis.

Alzheimer’s has transported us to a place between life and death, a sort of limbo or holding place where we wait for Glen to make the final transition from this world to the next.

I think Glen knows that Heaven is waiting because he is happy and content – and that brings me some peace.

Steven graciously inscribed a copy of his book for me:

“Kim, God bless you on your journey and comfort you and Glen on the road ahead.”

His music spoke to my heart that night and encouraged me to appreciate each moment I have left with Glen before the clock strikes midnight – even if we’re currently suspended somewhere Between Heaven and The Real World!

Kim Campbell

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  1. Debra Stasio says:

    Dear Kim, I love your comments “I think Glen knows that Heaven is waiting because he is happy and content – and that brings me some peace.” What a comfort that is knowing Heaven is waiting. Thank you for all you do. You, Glen, and your family are still in my prayers.

  2. Beautiful words you shared! Praying God helps you when midnight comes!

  3. Johnny Williams (Peggy Williams) says:

    Kim, I just found this site. I’m Johnny Williams from Fouke, Ar. My wife Peggy was diagnosed with progressive Dementia in December of 2014. She is 54 years old. I’m 56. Devastating. In September of 2015 she had to go into a nursing home for Alzheimer’s patients. I, like you, continue to visit her several times a week as I have to continue working. Such a life changing experience and like in some of your post I can look back and see the symptoms in and around 2009.
    I will continue to be her husband for as long as It takes. I will not leave her. We just celebrated 32 years of marriage. ❤️😔💔. Thanks for your inspiration

  4. Cathy Shumar says:

    Kim, you are in my prayers. I recently lost my Mother to Alzheimer’s .. She is in a much better place.. May Our Lord give you strength in all tou do🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Peggy Rogers says:

    Dear Kim,
    My prayers have and will continue to be with you and your family. I have taken the Alzheimer Journey with my husband for many years. He entered heaven January 1, 2017. We both dearly loved Glenn and his music. My husband was a guitar player and a music minister in our church. We were married for almost fifty years and Glen Campbell’s music is part of our life.
    I know God’s grace is taking you through this journey. My heart is with you. I know the pain. But I also know the joy of spending every precious moment with my loved one that I could.
    Sending love,
    Peggy Rogers

  6. Nancy Vories says:

    My heart goes out to your family and others that are going through this. Cannot imagine……
    As a teenager, I saw Glen Campbell at the Colorado State Fair a couple of times. ( I am 58) always loved him and his music. I can see how Steven Curtis Chapman’s song blessed you. Praying for peace for your family until Glen sees his Jesus💜

    Sincerely, Nancy Vories

  7. Robyn Lodholz says:

    Dear Kim, I learned of this website when I read a recent article about Glen and what you and he are going through. My mom started showing a few signs of this horrible disease in 2000. As time went on she progressively became worse. My dad tried to take of her as long as he could but she needed medical help that was beyond what my dad, myself and my sister could offer. She lost her speech early on but in the nursing facility she was always laughing about something. I’m not sure why but it comforted me when the doctors said she could be thinking of her childhood. She passed away in December of 2012. It was very difficult but we all knew that she would once again be a whole person. Thank you so much for this website. I prayer for you, Glen, all your family and any family that is dealing with this terrible disease.
    God Bless you,
    Sincerely, Robyn Lodholz

  8. R. Scott Williams says:

    Kim, we’re grieving with you at Glen’s passing, but rejoicing in his homegoing. And I have to say that Ashley’s tribute video to her dad (“Remembering”) had the same powerful effect on me as watching Steven’s “Cinderella” immediately after he had lost his youngest daughter in an accident.

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