Letter from Kim Campbell

Letter from Kim Campbell on Glen Campbell's passing

I’m sitting with my family as I write this note, heading across the country in a glistening white tour bus, traveling from Nashville to Arkansas, the place where Glen was born. We’ve done this drive countless times before, but today is different. Our destination isn’t a concert hall and there won’t be any fans lined up to greet us when we arrive.

As we pass from state to state in the early morning darkness, it all feels strangely familiar, yet very different. The bus is quiet today. There is no singing, no laughter, no Glen. There will be no joy or excitement as we approach the Campbell family cemetery, where we will lay my husband of 34 years, the father of my three children, and my very best friend, to rest.

I have been grieving and saying goodbye to Glen every day for the last six years, ever since his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, not knowing which day he might forget me or which day might be his last. Although I knew it was inescapable and certain, nothing could have prepared me for the profound loss I felt as I said goodbye for the final time yesterday. I had been praying that I would be able to hold his hand when he entered eternity, and my request was granted. While surrounded by family, I watched him take his last breath.

– – –

In 1981, Glen and I identified ourselves with the death, burial and resurrection of the Messiah by being immersed in a creek near the cemetery where Glen’s body will rest. Glen publicly professed his faith, publicly shared his struggles and triumphs over alcoholism, and publicly shared his journey with Alzheimer’s, all to the glory of God. I find immense comfort knowing that Glen’s spirit is now free and present with the Lord. I have no doubt that when he met his maker yesterday at 10am, he was greeted with, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

– Kim Campbell

August 9th, 2017

Kim Campbell and Glen Campbell

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  1. rosaleen purtell says:

    Beautifull words…im a carer for people with that horrible illness..i love each and every one of them ..there all so special in there own way….God bless you Kim xx

  2. Ted Brandjes says:

    I wish you all the best. The documentary I’ll Be Me was heartbreaking but also beautiful. Love from the Netherlands. Ted Brandjes

  3. Ellen Arnold says:

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family…

  4. I am so sorry for your personal as his wife loss, it has a depth of its own and I pray GOD holds you in your time of Wife Grief , and my GOD bless everyone who will forever miss him, he was such a part of millions of peoples lives including mine …..♥♥♥

  5. Jeff Elliott says:

    Wow! Awesome. We love the Campbell family and praying for peace and comfort now . My Dad had alz and parkinson’s so we to related to all that you spoke of and dread the day of goodbye but we to know the Lord Jesus and eternal life through him. PTL. Love The Elliott Family

  6. Ellen Vuillier says:

    You will never know how much this letter touched my heart and soul. I first saw Glen on the Summer show that he hosted…..My mother was actually the one that saw him before I did and she fell in love with his boyish features; I was sixteen years old at that time….and I am in my early sixties now…..I can’t tell you how I did it, but I had collected quite a few of his albums and I am proud to say that I have a few of them plus compact disks….

    My heart grieves for you, your children and his children from Billie…..He is now healthy and happily reuniting with his parents and those family members that went home to be with Our Lord and Savior…..You will all be in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

  7. Tears. I’m so sorry for your loss. But so thankful we can all hear Glen sing again one day in heaven. You were the best thing for him.

  8. Bill Quirk says:

    Always….”To God be the Glory”….Your words have so much love and tenderness….God bless you as you navigate these uncharted waters…Know that people you don’t even know are listening and watching….Sending angels from Minnesota.

  9. Elizabeth ( Beth ) Christian says:

    <3 & GOD BLESS

  10. Teresa Hill Collinsworth says:

    Prayers of comfort to you Kim and family at this time.

  11. Rachel Warner. says:

    Loved Glenn, and love you. Appreciate your sharing! I am a caregiver for Alzheimer patients, and have been with many as they said their final goodbyes, after watching them seem to get farther and farther away. It is never easy, but as you point out, there remains hope. Someday we will all sing together again to the Lord.

  12. Carolyn Findley says:

    I have enjoyed Glen sharing his love of his family and his music for many years. Thank you for sharing him with us. Glen will be missed even more now. I’m thankful you were also with him at the end- with each other. God Bless you. Carolyn Findley

  13. Laura Sand says:

    Kim, Upon reading the message you wrote about Glen’s passing, It truly touched my heart. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Also I want you to know that my thoughts & prayers are with you and the family.

  14. Leola Boudreau says:

    May he rest in peace. We will miss him dearly.

  15. Sorry for your loss. My husband has been suffering with this for 5 years. God bless you and your family

  16. Brenda Culbreth Harris says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and may God bless and keep you and your family in this most difficult time. Glen’s music and legacy will live on and we are forever grateful that he shared his enormous talent with the world. God Bless…..Brenda Culbreth Harris

  17. Loretta Richards says:

    Sorry for Your loss Kim Campbell rip Glen Campbell

  18. Thank you Kim for sharing the details of Glen s passing and his final journey home. Glen was so blessed to have you.

  19. Amen. He’s in the arms of Jesus. No one can ever replace Glen Both public and private.

  20. Kayla Kirk says:

    Beautiful and painful. Widowhood is filled with joy from the memories and sorrow from the gone and in the same breath, as empty as a hole that feels like it will swallow you up. Hugs 🤗 May you never lose your faith and know that through every step in this new journey, you are never truly alone.

  21. Dena Freeman says:

    Rest assured he was greated by my parents Kim. So thankful Carl introduced the two of you. You definitely helped him to move past his demons and be the amazing humble loving man who was a friend to my family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  22. Thank you Kim for sharing Glen s passing and his journey home. He was so blessed to have you. Love and prayers

  23. Love your letter! God Bless!

  24. Carl and I love you all..

  25. Ann Britt Stafford says:

    Kim, I can only add how many times Glen quoted the Bible saying “when you find a good wife it is a good thing.” Of all his glorious accomplishments, he counted you as his wife and the times you worshiped and prayed together, as his greatest time on earth. We all looked at Glen as our treasure. But, he looked at you as his.

  26. Said so elegantly… He was a super man, and you and your family are great people for making the journey with him. He is where there is no more pain or suffering. Take comfort in knowing you did make his days a better place! Love to you all.

  27. Patricia Webber Craine says:

    I am amamazed at your courage and strength! God bless you and give you peace and comfort!

  28. Robin mathud says:

    God bless you Kim and the Campbell family. Glen is a special person and a gifted musician , I love all his songs and his voice. Sending love and prayers to the Campbell family

  29. Patty Patrick says:

    Thank you for sharing with us ❤️ God Bless

  30. Linda Shier says:

    Beautiful Kim. Since my mother was diagnosed I have been grateful to your opening up this horrid decease. My mother passed last year and sadly it is not only the afflicted who suffers but the family is devastated , as well. My prayers are with you.

  31. Nancy Chacon says:

    Love and peace to you all during your grieving and the rest of your days on this earth. I honor your bravery in sharing your love and journey these past years.

  32. Continued prayers for you Kim, and your children. As you continue to grieve may the unsurpassing peace of God move around you, upon you, and work His Will through you. Thank you for publicity sharing you faith, your struggles and triumphs and your Glen. Continued Blessings.

  33. Brad Crawford says:

    Glen’s music touched me deeply my entire life and I was glad I got to see him in June of 2012 in Las Vegas. May God comfort you and the family during this difficult time.

  34. Terry Roddy says:

    I am around your age Kim, and I have been a widow for 7 years. You never get over the missing part. Prayers for you and all if Glen’s children.

  35. This is so sad. I lost the most loving women to this horrible disease. She was the kindist and it is so sad. For these people we love to lose the love they have for us and beautiful things. I wish they would find a cure cause it’s not fair to see our love ones suffer. My prayers are with your family.

  36. God bless you and family Kim. May our Heavenly Father bring you peace in the days ahead. There are no words to describe what you and his loved ones, friends, and fans around the world must be feeling. I will keep you in my prayers. Know that my brother and friend of 40 years will live on in my heart and deeds. I too look forward to seeing Glen across the great divide. Love, Rick

  37. Peggy Inman says:

    As I read your post I’m listening to Glen’s Capital Years CD with tears streaming. I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband, and all his children’s loss of their loving Father. Thank you for sharing him with us… his fans that loved and enjoyed his music so much. May peace surround all of you in the days ahead knowing Glen is home and in Peace. Love all of you!

  38. Michael Thomas Davis says:

    Thank you for being a loving wife to Glen all these years. I have watched you on tour with him, how you would smile, and be so proud that he has brought your children into this World to bring more music into our lives. He could always remember how to play the guitar.
    Glen Campbell will forever be the Rhinestone Cowboy, and his music will continue on the airwaves for the years to come. When I bought the fan blanket for him, that his daughter Debby made online with fan photos, I knew that it may have been the last time he would remember at least that his fans love would always keep him warm and surround him during the darkest of night. May he now rest in peace, and hopefully we will see him again in Heaven where he is now waiting with others that have passed on. Love to the Campbell Family.
    Your friend always:Michael T. Davis (Fort Wayne,Indiana)

  39. Many blessings are being sent your way Kim. I heard the Lord say Kim the day after Glen passing… “He is dancing on streets of gold and I’m dancing with him.” We will always have his voice, and I thank God for that. 🙂

  40. We’ll always hear him singing in the wire… Lucky woman, luckier man.

  41. Tammy Watson, Delight says:

    As with my mother, know that he has all his memories back.

  42. Kathy Paysen says:

    Nothing will ever eclipse your love or Glen’s gift to the world. There is nothing easy about losing a best friend. Your remarkable faith and comforting words for others are such a beautiful blessing. Look no further than your children and friends to find Glen in your living. Love is forever friend. God bless you dear heart. ❤️❤️🌿

  43. Jill Yvonne Anderson says:

    God bless the Campbell family. Glens sweet voice is in all our hearts thank you for sharing your talent with us all Glen we will miss you dearly love from Scotland x

  44. Very moved and touched by reading this! Sincerest loving Condolences to the Campbell family!
    You will see Glen again one day,he is with you in Spirit!

  45. Scott Sylvester says:

    Thank you Kim for sharing your story with us. He was a great man and a great musician and I really appreciate you letting me in on your journey. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  46. Brenda ann Costello says:

    My eyes filled with tears as I read your letter. It breaks my heart that you have to go through this. I am so very happy that the family was by his side and got to say their good byes for now. The great thing of all is we will all see him again, he has been a blessing in my life as I’m sure in many other lives as well. If only it didn’t hurt so much when they pass the emptiness can be unbearable. Through our lord we will and do find peace. You and the family are in my prayers. He is with you every single day watching over you as he sings like an angel to our sweet lord above. God bless you, Glen will always live on in our hearts. Thanks for sharing such a personal letter.

  47. Tommy jacobs says:

    Well said Kim you was a good wife to glen an mother an all around angel .god couldn’t of sent a better person for glen.you two were ment for each other.

  48. Bill B Zilar says:

    From my wife Debbie and I, we keep you all in our hearts and prayers. Blessings from the Most High for comfort, peace and healing. God bless you. – From the Heart of Tennessee, “Where the Hilltops Kiss the Sky” Bill B and Debbie Zilar, Monterey, TN

  49. Your grace and the generosity with which you shared your love and lives and the challenges of the “long goodbye” have touched us all so deeply. We mourn with you and for you. This is truly a magnificent loss. The LORD is near to the broken-hearted. I know He is close to you.

  50. I am thinking of you and your family at this time . I pray that angels wrap you gently with there wings and hold you dear
    Love you Kim Campbell you have been as he has been amazing through this journey
    God bless you
    Melanie Edwards

  51. Dorothy Scott says:

    Prayers of comfort for you and the children. He was a blessing to the world and you were such a blessing to him. May you find peace and happiness inthe days ahead. God’s richest blessings on you and the family.

  52. Carol Cooley says:

    Kim I appreciate your faith and spirit. I can imagine the bus ride that you took that morning. I am a Christian as you and am well aware of immersion baptism and Messianic Judaism. Rich and I are married about the same length of years as you two, after a tumultuous single life. I believe you and the family will go forth in faith, honor, and in Jesus Christ. The good work begun in you He will perfect on that day. Love and prayers as we all continue with life. Carol Cooley

  53. So sorry for the loss of this Great Guy.


  54. God Bless you and all of Glens children ….he was an amazing entertainer….and will truly be missed … xx

  55. God bless you and your family ! Alzheimer’s is a dreadful thing for a family member or friend

  56. Rob Shapiro says:

    Kim, here’s a thought for you – and I hope you read it in the most positive tone you can, because that is how I intend it.

    I don’t believe in an afterlife. I don’t believe in God, and I don’t believe in resurrection. It is my sincerely belief that the time we have here on Earth is it. Once you’re time is done, you’re done. So it may be worthwhile to spend that time well.

    I know you might think it sounds cynical and maybe even depressing. But that’s where I’d disagree with you.

    I wholeheartedly think that what we do with our time here is the most important thing. How we spend our lives, the impact we make on others – that’s what truly defines us. And Glen did that with bells on. Sure, there are (and have been) tons of phenomenal singers and performers. With each year we count how many of them pass, and for a few days afterward pour our hearts out online about how special they were.

    But Glen had something extra special.

    His voice was a delight. His professionalism and wit and persona lit up any stage he was on. That voice – He was a country singer, but he also sang flowery 70’s singer/songwriter tunes. And he could croon like Sinatra! His songs meant so much to so many people. Heck, I get to hear him perform on a quite frequent basis, because my kids sure do love Rock*A*Doodle. And I’m not ashamed to admit, I do to. Have you ever just surfed Youtube for clips of Glen on old talk shows? Is it crazy that I do it? A lot.

    (For the record, look up Glen singing ‘learning’ the blues’ on the Merv Griffin show! It’s a real treat!)

    I hope I’m wrong and that Glen is enjoying a second and third encore up in heaven. And I hope you get to embrace him once again when you arrive there.

    But, if I’m right, you don’t have much to feel sorry for. Glen Campbell lived his life his way, bringing comfort and joy to million and millions around the world – for decades. His soft sounds brought out the best in people, made us feel love and hope. Every minute of his time spent alive was very, VERY well spent.

    …and that just about people who didn’t know him. I can guarantee that you, Ashley and the rest of Glen’s family found far more value in every minute Glen was with you.

    And let’s not forget what an impact he made on public awareness of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Compassion and love can’t begin to describe what the world saw in ”Ill Be Me’. And that accolade is for you, Kim.What a touching and socially valuable chapter to end Glen’s story.

    My very best to you and your family, and never forget how much Glen touched the world, and how his legacy will live for decades to come. Alzheimer’s may have stolen Glen’s memory, but it is a testament to him that he will not be forgotten.

    Of one thing I’m sure – For many years he’ll be gentle on our minds.

  57. carole meuse says:

    to all of glen’s family so sorry for your loss he was a great guy, grew up with his music and still am rip glen god bless you kim and the campbell family and friends

  58. to the family and friends of glen so sorry for your lost,he was a great man,singer grew up listening to him still am god bless you kim and the campbell family and friends rip glen

  59. For as long as i can remember i have been a huge fan of your beautiful husband and father. Glen was the soundtrack to my youth and the soother of all my woes. Now i find myself trying to watch everything I can on You Tube and listening to his music while i go thru my day. I wish you comfort and peace through your grief journey, you are such a beautiful family. RIP Glen Campbell

  60. thoughts and prayers for you and your family.,,,,Glen was a very special gifted musican, and his music was loved around the world.

  61. HIs songs and music will live in my ❤️ and soul forever thank you 😊

  62. Heaven rejoices while we each have different memories of him….a great reunion awaits. Ps. 28:7

  63. Cathy Alley says:

    From Arkansas…My deepest sympathy to you and your family🙏

  64. Lila Sorensen says:

    What awesome words you said regarding your husband and best friend. We only know Glen the entertainer and I could only imagine your sorrow at the loss of your best friend and father of your children. I pray God will give you comfort during your time of loss. Your memories will help you and remember he is always with you in spirit. God bless you guys.

  65. Ruthellen Herzberg says:

    Having admired Glen’s talent for 50 years, going through the disappointment when I’d read another one of his relationships ran its course, I was elated when he found you and I read you were a Christian and together you were charting a new course for him. Take comfort in knowing he’s in his Saviour’s presence for all eternity.

  66. Dana Jensen says:

    Please know that we fans love Glen SO MUCH. I am happy for him because he is free of the most horrible of diseases May God bless both you and Ashley I was my mother’s caretaker the last 8 months of her life, so I sort of know how you feel. Every day it will get better.

  67. God Bless You Kim.

  68. Diana HIllyard says:

    Prayers for you during this difficult time. God will watch over you! You must have so many great memories that will far outshine the last years of Glen’s life…..

  69. Glen was my favorite musician and I will always love him. I think he is happy in heaven now and thank GOD he left so much beautiful music behind for us…RIP sweet man.

  70. Thank you for sharing this message
    God bless you all in this time of grief

  71. Tracey Peraud says:

    So sorry for your loss. Thankful he is with our Savior. Until you meet again may God give you comfort, peace and strength. He is there for you every step of the way.

  72. Pam Hansford says:

    Beautiful tribute Kim. I have been a Glen Campbell since at least 1967 when I was given one of his albums for Christmas. My Mother has been battling this disease for over 10 years now and is getting close to the end, but not quite there yet. I very much appreciated your documentary as well as the last songs which those of us that are or have gone through this with someone they loved can identify with. I know that Glen is entertaining a band of Angels with his beautiful voice and amazing talent…in a place more beautiful than any of us can possibly imagine on this earth.
    Thank you again for your family’s honest and brave fight against this devastating disease!

  73. He was loved by many and will be missed by all.

  74. Rick Harasewicz says:

    Kim…….I, too, am saddened by your husbands passing as I have a mother who is suffering from the same disease. Ever since your family had made public Glen’s fight, I have made it part of my prayers each night of asking God for what’s best for both him and my mother….not really knowing what to ask for. All I knew is that they were both in God’s hands. I did pray for peace for both of them and that the God that both you and I know would be abundantly gracious to both of them. I am glad to hear about both of your baptisms as I too am a member of the Church of Christ when I lived back in America, as I now live in Australia. I now will add you and your family, but you especially, to my prayers….that no matter what comes, you will always remember just who holds tomorrow. May God’s grace now be yours even more so now, than ever before. Take care and if I never have the privilege of meeting you here, look for me someday inside the gates! 🙂

  75. Patricia Moses says:

    My heart goes out to you & your family. I went through the same sickness with my husband two years ago. Only his was called dementia. Can’t tell any difference. I watch the program & was so touched by the simililarties between the two men. God bless you for this revealing in depth true representation of such a horrible way to end such a great life. No one can tell what an impact & affect watching someone you love go through this. I too had the privilege of being with my husband as he took his last breath and joined God in Heaven. God bless you!

  76. Kim what a fine lady you are. God has really blessed your family. This disease is so hard for the family and caregivers to shoulder. I would know. Hopefully all the hurt and pain and emotions will subside for you and family and all can go on with Glens memory to cherish. Praying for your peace and comfort. He left us music. We are lucky! God bless all of you.

  77. Steven Shapiro says:

    Glen was so blessed to have you in his life and more importantly the Lord. I pray that people who read these comments realize that people out there CAN change. Have a leap of faith!!

  78. Brian schweikert says:

    Every hour I have been awake since last Tuesday, I’ve been thinking of the passage of Glen Campbell and his family, close friends and crew.
    I hope the passage of Glen takes you further and further away each day from the heartache and grief into the realm of calm and peace.
    Like his music does, a listen gets you back to a good mood, a happy disposition and even an inspiration of that will that carries you back toward a better outlook.
    I didn’t “know” Glen nor any of his family enough where we would recognize each other on the street. Seeing him live all those times and getting to chat with him twice and shake his hand three times satisfied my awe that he was real. Real in the sense, there was no feeling of being in an “assembly line” to get us through. Truly “Authentic”
    Throughout his life as we followed him as he navigated those hills and valleys of stardom; we smiled, laughed, hoped, feared and wondered. The pit eventually was there but an angel named Kim came and saved him. We don’t want to think what the outcome would of been if this hadn’t happened.
    The Campbell children have shown an incredible metal and positive attitude through this last chapter. May the ONE above hold you dear and open the way for your continued success.
    Glen will be forever there, the music is his testament. However, he will be there in the air around his family and loved ones. He will let you know, there is no longer pain, unknowing or confusion.
    To the campbell family; I truly wish you all success in your next chapter, no doubt you will have a good guiding light to help you.

  79. Susanne Campbell says:


    You were the best thing that happened to Glen Campbell!

  80. Robert Shepherd says:

    I’m so glad he found you. He was indeed a lucky man, and we were all lucky to have had him.

  81. Carol Bartolameolli says:

    Ever since his passing, his songs have been going through my head. I’ve loved his music since I was about 11 years old (47 years!). You sure were a light in his life. Take peace in knowing that you’ll see him again and feel blessed from God that you were there when he passed. Thank God for Jesus and the promise of seeing Glen again in his heavenly home.

  82. Kathy Etris says:

    Can’t you imagine the reunion they had in Heaven , Glen, his Mom and Daddy, and Niece- Moot, a Great singing going on.

  83. Mary McCauley says:

    May the love and peace of our lord be with you

  84. Kim, six years was a long journey. My father passed in January 2016 after just two years in the grips of this most horrible of illnesses. I don’t know how my mother coped as I found it to be the most difficult time of my life. So six years is incomprehensible. Bless you for your love and devotion. You are an inspiration to us all.

    As a child I grew up with Glen’s music on the turntable almost every Sunday morning after Mass. My dad loved his music and those tunes have stayed with me all these years. And they will stay with me as will my memories of your love and devotion.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  85. Steve Endicott says:

    Prayers for you and your Family Kim! God Bless you all in this most difficult time. I was and still am a big fan of Glen and most certainly his talent! I can’t get over the amazing things he has done and blown away by his guitar picking! I watch him every chance I get on Youtube. His songs and music will live on in mine and so many other’s hearts for years and years to come! GOD BLESS you all!

  86. Charlene Oakley says:

    Dear Kim,
    I feel your pain and can relate to what you are feeling and going through. I watched my husband suffer and die with Parkinson’s disease for over a 13 year period of time, starting when he was just 53. He was here at home with me for over 8 years until I could no longer care for him on my own. He was in a nursing home for 3 years and 10 months before he died, 2 months shy of our 30th wedding anniversary. Parkinson’s is as cruel a disease as Alzheimer’s is. In the end he had dementia and hallucinations, couldn’t walk or talk, or do anything for himself. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, watching my husband die a little more each day for so many years. He died in 2010 after being in a coma for 5 days, and I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. You think you’re ready for the end, you’ve had years to prepare yourself but it’s nothing like you’ve imagined it would be. I am grateful he’s no longer suffering but I miss him so much every day. Reminders are everywhere. I wish you well in whatever your future holds for you. If you ever want someone to talk to who has been there, call me at 615/309-5945.

  87. Justin Barker says:

    A beautiful message. I grew up with my parents(and myself following) fans of Glen’s music. My father unfortunate left us at a young age of 48 with cancer. But my mother has always been strong. She has fought off two different forms of cancer to only be diagnosed with Alzheimers shortly after Glen was. My mother is a year younger than Glen and watching her progress with this disease also had me following Glen’s progression with the disease.
    Your husband was amazing, equally matched by your support and strength and always by his side. Glen was fortunate to have a woman like you in his life. As I continue to be there with my Mom, I will always continue to have the memories of the strength of the Campbell’s to keep my spirits high.

  88. Randy McClendon says:

    My prayers are with you and the family as you grieve this tremendous loss and find peace in your day to day routine without Glen. Knowing that is a one of the hardest things you will ever do. My wife of 32 years passed in 2007. I am at peace with it knowing she is in a better place but life is not the same.I didn’t plan on living this part of my life without her.
    I am so glad that Glen had you. A decidated wife who stood by him till the end. That is all to rare these days. I watched as Glen and yourself announced his illness to the world. As the children accompanied him on his last tour. Which sadly I missed. Glen was blessed to have all of you stand with him.
    I have been a fan of Glen’s for some 45+ years and will miss seeing and hearing about his career. Glen’s music however will live on forever. Influencing generation to come.
    Thank you Glen for entertaining us over the years. Thank you for your smile and sweet gentle spirit. WELL DONE. GO NOW AND REST IN PEACE.

  89. Brett C. Mills says:

    Kim, I was so glad he found you…so glad he found Him. It’s something of note to say I was led to Christ through Glen’s music. I shall be grateful for that for all eternity. Bless you and your living family.

  90. You described why the Lord allowed you two to meet share your life together – His Music came through my mother – his life by you and your daugther sharing with us – As a sober alcoholic both Glen’s Music and his stories told by him or shared by you has inspired in periods being less easy – but its thanks for the openness and willingness to share that’s has been so unique and valuable – I share my warmest thoughts, and are there a harps amongst singing angels in heaven their probably surrounding Glen now enjoying, learning, laughing and having a heavenly experience. Warm thoughts – Ole

  91. Fred Holland says:

    May you and your family now find peace and be rapped in the spirit’s comforting embrace. Life is but a journey and Glen has but gone home!

  92. Wayne and Betty Hoffman says:

    Condolences to Kim and to all of Glen’s family and friends. Lots of love to you at this time.

  93. Barbara Toyne says:

    RIP dear Glen – How I did love your music – and Kim – you have said beautiful words in your leter. God Bless you and yours.

  94. The tears are flowing as I read these comments pertaining to your loss of Glen..I, too, am facing this illness with my husband of 36 years…He was diagnosed 2 years ago..I’ve done my best to keep up with your journey with Glen and his Alzheimer’s..I know it was hard..Glen will be missed by so many..My prayers is comfort, peace, and now, rest, for you and the kids…Glen is in a much better place, happy and free from all sickness….

  95. Love and blessings.

  96. Wrote this on the evening of the 9th of August in about 5 minutes- from the heart- RIP Glen.
    You are truly an angel Kim.

    Every hour I have been awake since last Tuesday, I’ve been thinking of the passage of Glen Campbell and his family, close friends and crew.

    I hope the passage of Glen takes you further and further away each day from the heartache and grief into the realm of calm and peace.

    Like his music does, a listen gets you back to a good mood, a happy disposition and even an inspiration of that will that carries you back toward a better outlook.

    I didn’t “know” Glen nor any of his family enough where we would recognize each other on the street. Seeing him live all those times and getting to chat with him twice and shake his hand three times satisfied my awe that he was real. Real in the sense, there was no feeling of being in an “assembly line” to get us through. Truly “Authentic”

    Throughout his life as we followed him as he navigated those hills and valleys of stardom; we smiled, laughed, hoped, feared and wondered. The pit eventually was there but an angel named Kim came and saved him. We don’t want to think what the outcome would of been if this hadn’t happened.

    The Campbell children have shown an incredible metal and positive attitude through this last chapter. May the ONE above hold you dear and open the way for your continued success.

    Glen will be forever there, the music is his testament. However, he will be there in the air around his family and loved ones. He will let you know, there is no longer pain, unknowing or confusion.

    To the campbell family; I truly wish you all success in your next chapter, no doubt you will have a good guiding light to help you.

  97. evdotson@aol.com says:

    God Bless The Campbell Family…I’ve been a fan since 1967 and will continue to play his recordings. Great Guy.

  98. Kim, Glen was loved by me and so many of his lifetime of fans. I remember when he was first diagnosed with Alzheimer I was so sad, as l know so well the challenges of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer. Thank you for sharing! I was my mother’s caregiver and it is so hard to say my final goodbye after watching her drift farther and farther away in her final months. It is never easy, but as you point out, there is hope, that we will be together someday and with our Lord. Lyn Baske

  99. Deepest sympathies with your loss.

  100. Helen Gatlin says:

    Hi Kim,
    I had the pleasure of meeting you at Brentwood Baptist a few months ago. I’m sitting here in the hospital waiting to take my husband to a Care Facility. My heart is breaking cause I know it’s his final destination here before he enters eternity. One chapter of my life is over. I know he will never be home again. I’m trying to figure out how to be alone. I want to thank you for taking time to talk to me about Howard. You’ve been a angle from God during your pain & sorrow. Thank you for not getting so caught up in the pain that you couldn’t see the blessings. You’ve inspired me to do that very thing & help others that’s traveling down this dark journey. God bless you & your family. I will always treasure our short moments in time. We have a bond in a club neither one of us ever wanted to join. Blessings & healing. Helen

  101. Suzanne Silverstein says:

    Condolences to you and the family. May Glen rest in peace.

  102. Sandy L Shorter says:

    My deepest sympathies. I have always been a fan of his music and movies. He just seemed like a regular good ole country boy to me. I have faced Alzheimer’s with two of my mother’s sisters and now my mother has been diagnosed with dementia. Its the long goodbye because they literally leave us while we are watching. God bless you for sticking with each other thru the hard times of life.

  103. Sandy L Shorter says:

    My deepest sympathies. I have always been a fan of his music and movies. I was so happy when he became a believer. My mother’s two sisters had Alzheimer’s and my mother has been diagnosed with dementia. I know it’s called the long goodbye because they are literally leaving us before our very eyes. I admire you and Glen for sticking together thru the bad times and pray God gives you comfort and peace in the days ahead.

  104. Rita Wallis says:

    Hi Kim, i looked after my Mother with dementia, it was very hard.
    Now my brother has it as well, i know how you must have felt looking after Glen, it is so sad, such a terrible illness, waiting for the next change in our loved ones. Glen will be with you making sure that you are well and also your children. Keep your spirits up, God bless you. I am playing Glens last cd all the time i Love it. Our love to you. Xxx

  105. Robin Kerr Capley says:

    God Bless You, Kim and your family. Glen was an amazing musician who clearly loved his family. He is smiling down on all of you in Heaven. He will greet you with a big smile, playing his guitar, singing a song one day in Heaven.

  106. I’m very sorry for your loss n enjoyed reading your message Kim about your passing of your Dear Husband n Father of your children..I can’t image walking in your steps but just plz keep your head held high n be proud ….RIP Mr Campbell

  107. Dave Tittle says:

    Glenn got me started in the music industry. I’ve always admired him and his talent. It’s great to know he found Jesus and had the time to grow a relationship with Him along with you. May He grant you all the peace and comfort in your life as you move to preserve Glen’s legacy and the memories you both built together in God’s name. Bless you and may he rest in eternal peace.

  108. Angels be with you and yours as you continue Being You now, by the Graciously granted Glorys of our Messiah to you on Earth. Kim, Glen did not define you but Refined You for your Greater purposes in service here on Earth ! Life is a Divine Energy source and Glen’s power to amplify it throughout his Life will continue to surround you

  109. RIP Glen, prayers to kim and family and to all glens fans 🎵🎶🙏🏽🎵🎼

  110. Diane Lyman says:

    I remember growing up and Glen was one of my first favourite singers. Loved him sad he is gone but glad he is at peace. Prayers to all whom have been a part of Glen’s life.

  111. No Words, I loved the Film of the Tour and think you are all courageous and brave xx Mike

  112. I’m so sorry for your loss… my father suffered with that horrible disease for 15 years. And I held him as he took his last breath. The whole experience changes me as a person. I will never be the same because of it, but the end result was finding out I have strength I never knew I had. That was God’s gift to me in the all of it. Im sure it was your gift too. Love to you and your beautiful family.

  113. Helen morrow says:

    I am sorry for the pain of losing someone you love I am a true county music fan grew up on the great like merel haggard and George and Loretta and Conway and so many like glen I was fortunate to be raised when country music was great my favorite of course was rhinestones cowboy we ach with you and your family god bless you Helen morrow

  114. Thank you for sharing Glen’ s journey and struggles publically throughout much of this terrible disease. You both did so much for public awareness. May he have found peace.

  115. Barbara Barker says:

    So very sorry for your loss. And I respect you for staying by his side.I was in the health care business for over 30 years and witnessed families putting their loved ones in a home and never coming back to see them.

  116. Don Lombardi says:

    You are an inspiration to us all, especially to those of us who are, or who have cared for a sick family member. It truly is how God intended family to be; to care for each other, to love each other unconditionally. I remember as a teen, wanting to be like Glen; combed my hair like his, tried and failed miserably to play guitar as well as he did, but I did persevere and at least learned how to play.
    I feel proud to own an Ovation Country Artist guitar; it was one that Glen had a hand in designing…at least I feel kind of close to the man who was my first guitar idol. Bless you, Kim; we all should be as fortunate to have found such a true Christian Wife who stood by her husband to his last breath. Kim, you have my respect and admiration.
    Don Lombardi
    Danbury, CT

  117. Gene Kendrick Sr. says:

    Kim loved you letter you wrote, I have loved Glen’s music for over 40 years, his songs have been with me thru many hard, happy, and Blessed times. I went to Viet Nam in 1968, and many of Glen’s songs then went with me there, and I came back with me happily. So many memories return with those songs even today. So Glen and I have traveled many years together with memories of past times with his songs. I was so happy to read how Glen gave his life to Jesus years earlier, as I did also. Now I am in my later years, and seeing many leave this life. So glad when I read or hear they are with Jesus for EVER. “Absent in the body, present with the Lord”. God Bless you Kim, and your families thru this very hard time.

  118. Michael Ward says:

    Kim, you and Glen modeled 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 so well…May our God thru His Son Jesus Christ give you peace and strength. In His Holy name I pray, Amen!

  119. Steve Childress says:

    Beautiful , simply beautiful ..
    I saw your family in Vegas on his last tour, awesome! I was dressed in black, Stetson too as it was my Farewell n Goodbye to him..
    Great loss but a Great gift to Heaven..

  120. My condolences to the family and thanks to God for salvation and eternal life through Jesus. Be blessed!

  121. Gail Passey Reed says:

    Dearest Kim, I am so sorry for your loss. I have thought of you so very often over the years and have missed having you in ballet class. All of us here have been thinking of you, talking about what a wonderful person you are, how privileged we felt to meet Glen when he would pick you up. We miss you, I miss you, and send our love and condolences.

  122. I am so sorry for your loss. Please know he brought a lot of joy to my heart as I grew up. I’m 54 now, but his songs still live on. What a blessing he left to this earth.

  123. May God walk with you all as I know He walks with me – until we meet again in glory – and for those of us who learned to love Glen as teenagers, it will be an extra excitement knowing that he will be waiting – to sing with the angels! In His love and my own!

  124. Kim I am so sorry to hear about glenn, he was a great singer husband and father …I know he is with the Lord singing ….and I also know that he has his fill memory back and will never forget the lyrics to his songs….I have no
    Dought that he will be waiting for you at the gates of heaven.. I am praying for you and your family
    …love from Seattle Washington

  125. Kim, Thank you to you and Glen and your family for sharing this with the public from day one. I have followed Glen’s decline and read your letters of encouragement. You will never know how they have touched me personally. I was with my Dad at the Dr.’s office in 2012 when we received the bad news. He has been in a facility two years now. He became combative. Now I am about the only person that goes to see him. My brother goes about three times a month. My Mom rarely goes. My Dad is one of eight children. None of his brothers and sister have been at all. A couple of them have been to see him once. They were such a close family. I do not understand what people are afraid of. It is still him in there. And you were always saying that and that brought such comfort to me. I had to thank you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. The moment I saw the news on the TV, I said thank you Jesus. Glen can rest in peace now. There is no peace for someone with this horrible disease. Thank you for bringing awareness to people that do not know and maybe people with become an advocate and fight for more to be done. I will be doing my 2nd walk soon with the Alzheimer’s Association. Thank you again! Sincerely, Beckie

  126. A wonderful tribute to your husband. My favourite song is “One last time” which he sung so beautifully. May you and your family find comfort in the Lord. My prayers are with you all. God bless you all.

  127. Dana Engstrom says:

    Thanks to Glen, to you, and to your family for your vulnerability in sharing your journey via the documentary. My husband and I were touched beyond words by each piece of your story. Sending gratitude and warm thoughts. We share the same Hope.

  128. Well done to you all. i used to be a ward sister in Care of the Elderly and many of my patients had this awful disease but i loved them all.I hope you find comfort in knowing that you did everything in your power to make Glen happy and comfortable. God bless ♥

  129. Kathy Reddington says:

    My deepest sympathies to you and the whole Campbell family. Rest in peace dear Glen.

  130. James Griffiths says:

    I have only been listening to Glen’s music since his death. He has been a part of my life for the past 50 years. His song Jesus and Me brought me out of a deep depression back in 1993. I can only imagine your pain as mine is heavy due to this great loss. I pray for you and your entire family. Take comfort in knowing that all of Glen’s fans are praying and thinking of you daily. May God Bless you and give you comfort in knowing that Glen is in Gods loving care.

  131. Tom Rector says:

    Dear Kim and Campbell family,

    Thank you for making Glen so happy and fulfilled for the last 30 years of his life. Glen once said in an interview “That TV don’t lie. What you see is what you get.” Millions of people saw Glen and recognized not only his undeniable talent, but that he was a good-hearted person as well. He was “lost” for a few years – but you helped turn his life around and he has always given you credit for that. God bless you and the family during this difficult transition to life without Glen here physically, but may you always feel close to him in your heart and soul and remember all the love, fun and “Good Times” you had together. I know as a life long fan (since 1968 and the Summer Brothers Smothers Show) that’s what I plan to do.

    God bless and keep you and yours,

    Tom Rector

  132. George Vukovich says:

    Rest in peace Glen Australia loves you

  133. God Bless You and Your Family…Glen will be missed by so many..but not the same way as you and the Family will miss him..the world was a better place with him in it..

  134. Sergio Cigolotti says:

    Sorry for your loss Kim, seeing Glen slipping away day after day like you did must have been a terrible sufference , I wish you to be strong as he would have wanted you to be .
    Alzheimer’s can nothing against Glen’s myth, he will forever remain in people’s heart who loved him all over the world. Sincere condolences and I’ll add a prayer to yours wishing Glen eternal happiness in his new life .

  135. Peggy Martino says:

    He most certainly will hear “well done thy good and faithful servant”. Thank you again for all that he and you and your entire family have done to educate people and show them, really show them the face of Alzheimers. Mr. Campbell and his music and talent and heart – just one piece of his wonder and gift to the world, but to be so very open about this disease and its descent into darkness, well I and thousands of others will remember all he did to bring attention to all aspects of the disease. Praying for all of you. I have no doubt the music is a playing’ in heaven and my mother, one of his biggest fans, is right there in full voice singing along with him with so, so many others, just like we did when we used to listen to him when she had her struggle with AZ. Wishing you peace. One day, we will all be together again, His promise for all who believe. A beautiful thing. Sincerely,

  136. Virgil Burgess says:

    Glen is now with the ages. his life and music well enrich lives to come.may you and your family be comforted in the days yet to come. Thank you Glen RIP

  137. Greta Tamarri says:

    I introduced my Mom to Glen Campbell on TV when I was a very little girl. She was instantly hooked. I’ve seen your husband more times than anyone my age more than likely. We went to so many concerts, autograph sessions and I have a picture of my Mom getting a smooch! LOL She was at the very least one of his biggest fans. My whole family associates his name with her. The day he passed away my facebook tribute was that my Mom was finally getting to see Glen Campbell again and there would be some great music in heaven that night!!! So sorry for your loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  138. Trishia Anderson says:

    I was where you are now 2 years ago. My daddy was diagnosed 2 years before Mr. Glen, and my world was crushed. I watched my mom in the last couple years of daddy’s life, and I watched pieces of her die away with him & me too. My dad was a decorated firefighter for 30 years, and loved by so many, especially his family. I was fortunate enough for my precious daddy to be there for my first breath, and I was there holding his hand as he took his last. It’s a precious moment that will live with me forever. Therefore, I help organize the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, but I would love to be a part of your campaign. A side note…. my first “record” I ever got was Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy…. because I wouldn’t quit singing it all the time! LOL… he was and still is my all time favorite artist. I commend you on all you did to bring such joy to his life right until the end. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  139. Kim and Family as I don’t know exactly how your feeling I lost my husband in January! Your loss and grief is yours and nobody can make it better! The letter you wrote for the fans was beautiful and I feel very honest!! GOD BLESS!! My husband and I enjoyed his music maybe he will sign them a song!!
    Don’t let the stupidity of people get to you! You were his love!!

  140. Sara Swanson says:

    Dear Kim and family. I enjoyed watching Glen’s documentary just last week. It moved me to tears watching his mind disintegrating throughout that tour. I too, have watched my dear mother go through Altsheimers years ago when there wasn’t a name for it. Rita Hayworth’s daughter started the foundation when Rita came down with this disease. I wonder sometime if I too will inherit it . We are thrilled to know that Glen is with the Lord and maybe God has given him a bright shiny guitar to entertain the Angels in heaven with his wonderful voice. May God bless you and your family as you travel the future without him. He was loved!

  141. You know I have been listening to Glen for more years than I care to count.I listened to his songs,watched him alongside my favorite actor in True Grit and listened to him play his guitar.He truly had a gift and shared it with all.He was a gifted singer but oh what a guitar player he was.I myself took up guitar at 11 and I know what good guitar picking is.I still watch some of his playing on u tube and still marvel at his playing.I wish to with deep sympathy send this message of love to you and your family.He left a big imprint in this world and the likes of which we will never see again.My wife and I watched your special on tv and thank you for sharing your life with us .May God bless. Stan Kay

  142. Louisa Simpson says:

    Love to you and yours as you move forward with your life without your best friend. My mother lost my Pop in December…we buried him on what would have been his 82nd birthday. I lost my husband, Henry (also a musician) on April 22. The hardest thing to get used to is how very silent the house is. I miss his voice most of all. My heart and my love go out to you during this sad time. I know it is of small consolation, but Glen is no longer lost in his long goodbye…but is now whole again with our Lord. Hopefully your Glen and my Henry are enjoying their new heavenly band.

  143. Cheri McMahon says:

    Sweet Kim, I met Glen at a celebrity golf tournament when I was just 10, which was 49 years ago. I have a picture of him and I together. From that moment on I always felt a special place in my heart for that beautiful smile and kind heart I felt for just a few minutes. I pray that you find some peace and comfort know he is home and you will be with him for eternity! Amen!

  144. Wilma Flintstone says:

    I have loved Glen Campbell for over 50 years and had fond memories of going camping in our motorhome for one month every year listening to 8tracks of Glen. Before he got sober, I didn’t appreciate having a lit cigarette flicked on me from him at a taping for a show where I was there to see someone else. And it completely broke my heart when the nice lady you see above, is the woman Glenn cheated on with and left his first wife for. People don’t change. Karma.He might have a little work to do before he meets his maker. But rest in peace anyway Glen.



  146. Kim and family, rest peacefully that Glen is now in the arms of our Lord. His music is a blessing for those of us not yet reunited.

  147. Shirleybrooks says:

    You have my deepest sympathy Kim and family. I lost my father to this cruel cruel disease. I was his caregiver along with the rest of the family. It seems as though March was just here. Love each other, lean on each other and most importantly talk to each other as you grieve. All my prayers to you Kim and family. Snookie Mullins

  148. BARBARA SAMUEL says:

    Gen was so lucky to have you! So happy he knew the LORD! You will see him again one day and it will be wonderful! GOD IS GREAT! My sympathy to you and the family! GOD BLESS…………….

  149. John Tischler says:

    We are the hearers of stories and the carriers of memory. When we listen to and retell the stories of special people like Glen, they never truly die in this world. Too many people miss out on these stories, so special people become lost to the world of the living. Not just famous people like Glen, but ordinary people who lived interesting and vital lives. May your stories inspire everyone to record the stories of the people special to them. Modern technology makes this cheap and easy. There is no longer an excuse to be ignorant of one’s own family history as the generations pass away. May Glen’s memory be a blessing to you and a comfort.

  150. God bless you and your family during this difficult time. Your faith is inspirational for many of us.

  151. Pauline Knowles says:

    Gosh just watched your documentary I’ll be me.. Glen Campbell what a man ..what an amazing wife🌹 ..what a wonderful family .
    We are facing a similar road with my mum . It’s the hardest road I’ve ever walked with her .
    Thank you for all you have done to highlight Alzheimer’s . Hope in the future for a cure xx👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🍀🍀🍀🍀

  152. Diane Nichols says:

    Kim, your letter touched my heart. My husband received a diagnosis of Lewybody and Frontal-temporal lobe dementia in 2012. We were blessed that he had 6 years of symptoms not showing real bad. Now the symptoms are obvious and I realize that like you I have been saying goodbye to him ever since the diagnosis. He is in a Christian nursing home. But I take comfort in the fact that he will be in Heaven when the time comes. You and your family are an inspiration

  153. john ehrlich says:

    blessed are those who serve, the ones left to close the doors and turn off the lights at the end of the day …

  154. I am so sorry for your loss. I followed the journey of Glens disease closely. I lost my husband of almost 60 years of the same disease. I was able to care for him at home until he had a stroke, he was hospitalized for one month and then passed away. It has been almost two years since Paul passed away. I think of him every single day but I know he is safe in the arms of Jesus. His body is healed and his memory restored. I miss him so much and always will. Thank you for sharing Glens journey with me, I drew a great deal of strength from it while I was struggling with memory loss. Rest in Peace Glen and may God Bless you Kim.

  155. Mark Bennett says:

    Glen’s music has been a part of my whole life, since I received Wichita Lineman for Christmas as a kid in 1968. I have come to think of Glen as “family”, and I have mourned his diagnosis , and now his passing. My heart has been with you through this all, as I have experienced the same dark road with my mom years ago. God bless you, Kim, for your unending grace, kindness and patience, helping dear Glen maintain his dignity throughout this devastating final chapter of his life. Many prayers and much love to you all, from Mark and Lorrie Bennett, Rural Hall, NC

  156. Mrs. Margaret Mary Welz says:

    Dear Mrs. Campbell. I was so touched by your message especially as you revealed your grieving began at your husband’s diagnosis. That’s a long time. Now I will tell you what the good book tells us Christians to do and that is to comfort you and urge you NOT to grieve as the world grieves who has no hope for we have that Blessed Hope. You may have said goodbye to your best friend and partner but you have gained another friend in me and I pray for you to go on now for GOD has a plan for your life and you are someone very special to Him. So sorry Dear One. Hug your family.
    With love and blessings, your fan and friend, Mrs. Welz

  157. He was such an awesome singer, man & servant of God. How blessed your family, all of his children & anyone who was blessed to know him. All of us who were able to hear him sing-whether in concert, his television show or from 1 of his many albums/cd’s were blessed. RIP, Glen & may all of his family find peace in knowing he is with our Lord. I know he’s singing to the angels & all in heaven. 🙏🙏🙏🙏. Teri A.

  158. Julie Bamberger-Herrmann says:

    To Kim & the entire Campbell Family : my sincere condolences on the passing of your dear husband & father . I have been a fan of Glen as far back as I can remember, and when the DX of Alzheimer’s was revealed, I was heartbroken . I have been volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Assn. in Philadelphia for over 30 years and have been a social worker with the elderly for as many years, and knew what was to come . The documentary ‘I’ll Be Me’ was amazing, thank you all for doing it and showing the world the real side of this terrible disease . May he rest in peace in the palm of God’s hand, no more suffering, and may God richly bless you Kim for your untiring care of Glen and for your dedication to the cause .

  159. Louise Sedgwick says:

    Kim, I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you as you grieve your precious husband and dearest friend. You have done this so well, honoring your husband and sacrificially serving others through your courage to share the journey. Glory to God. I have prayed for you through the years that God would give you everything that you need. I have sweet memories of your kids in my preschool class and I am so proud of who they have become. May God strengthen and comfort you in the days and months ahead. My prayers continue for you all. I am grateful for the gifts of your and Glen’s kindness to me those many years ago. You are a treasure.

  160. Oh, how my heart aches for you and your family. I’m mourning too – the loss of my son 9 years ago. We didn’t have a long good-bye, but a short one of a week. He had a traumatic head injury. I have known since your family announced Glen’s diagnosis some of the pain that would eventually come to you and your family. You all have been in prayers since the day I heard. I am so thankful that I got to see him play in Biloxi, shortly after the announcement, and then again in Renfroe, Kentucky and Jacksonville, Florida. I also saw him play in Savannah, GA in the 90’s – when he was at his prime. His music has meant so much to me. I was teased in elementary school when all my friends listened to the Beatles and I listened to Glen Campbell. I had all his albums, then switched to CD’s. How proud you must be of your children, how they rallied around you and their father during this time. And Ashley – what a gift God has given her. I spoke to her after one of the concerts and I gave a devotional book to one of the band members to give to you after a concert. It was such a divine intervention – had to do thing – God told me to give that book to you. As we were driving to Biloxi, I had to stop at a Lifeway and they had only one copy – that copy in the store. My husband thought I was crazy and asked how I was going to get it to you – I told him I had no idea but God did. That devotional, Streams in the Desert, has comforted me so much since the loss of my son. I read it every year. And this week is the anniversary of my son’s injury and death, too. Hearing about Glen just added to my heartbreak. We visited the Campbell Cemetery about a month ago as we were heading to Montana – it was just a little bit out of the way. My husband took a picture of me standing at Glen’s parents’ gravesite, and later when I watched the documentary again, it was so surreal – I was standing in almost the same place that Glen was, and I remember thinking, one day he will be buried here. With your faith and your family, you will survive this loss. Things will never be the same, and I will be praying for you and your family every day. I am so proud of the decision you all made to share the news of Alzheimer’s and to continue the tour. Wishing you peace and thanking you and your family for sharing one of the greatest singers and musicians of all time with the rest of the world.Blessings – Susan Puckett

  161. I lost my Dad to Alzheimers on 8/13. I remember my sister calling me out of his room to tell me. Dad was diagnosed 6 years ago as well. The lsat few months, something was different. He fell ill just two days after their 57th anniversary. Went into the hospital.. He had declined quickly. We thought a long term facility would be the answer after te rehab stay. He passed awau on 8/13 just days before his 82nd birthday. We played two of his songs, There’s No Me without You and Im Not Gonna Miss you. Perfectly apprppriate for the time. Along with Ralph Stanley favortites. we are happy for Dad becuase he did not suffer, and was only really ill the last three weeks. Although, saying goodbye for about four years was difficult. Mom took care of him until a few weeks before he fell ill and we got outside daily care. Dad was always a fan of Glen with many early albums. They will be missed. May God lift you up in this difficult time but know he is no longer suffering and with our savior.

  162. Tonya Sabla says:

    I am so happy Glen was laid to rest in Arkansas….I feel so blessed he left us with great music. When I play his music I think of my husband who.I lost him 4years ago.we had some great times with Glen and he wasn’t even there. I j remind myself he is in such a great place..My heart goes out to his family.

  163. My husband was diagnosed at the same time as Glen was, by reading your posts and seeing Glens documentary, I could tell that their disease progressed almost the same. I even had to take him to a nursing home about the same time. My husband passed away on Apr.18, 2017 not really that long before Glen. They were two great Souls. god Bless you and your family.

  164. Gracious and contemplative…I will always remember how he lived. All of you will be in our prayers. So long Glen God Speed.

  165. Tom Campbell says:

    Glen remains the best in the entertainment business and few will ever get to where he was. His legacy goes on without great embellishment due to the many people he inspired and music left behind. (Kim), witout a doubt, has protected his final years and provided Glen with the respect and personal dingey so well deserved, and anyone would be great fully to have a spouse dedicated to Glen from the start to the finish. -Tom (Campbell)

  166. Rej Lauzon says:

    Hi I am only a fan of your husband Glen and a part time musician.I admire what you have done for this man so much,staying by his side and loving him so much.You are a special lady being strong for him everyday,supporting him right until the very end.How hard it must of been for you and your children watching him slowly detoriating bit by bit until the last second he let out his last breath while holding his hand and feeling his soul departing for home and meeting god. You had to leave his body behind and make that trip back home alone without him,but knowing he will always be close to you no matter what.I am so proud of you Kim ,the way you prepared him through his sickness down to the last breath when doing his transition to the other side.You are an inspiration to us all Kim Cambell having been such a wonderful wife to Glen . You will meet him again someday in the house of the lord Jesus,, amen. My name is Rej Lauzon all the way from Ontario Canada… thank you ….

  167. Judith Shay says:

    And then God asked him to sing His favorite Glen Campbell song.

  168. Jo Woodgate says:

    Thank you Kim for sharing Glen and his music with us. I have loved Glen and his music since I was 22 years old and I am now almost 71 I will miss that man more than words can say, I still play my records regularly and my new CDs. God bless you Kim and your family at this sad time. R.I.P. Glen Campbell you wonderfully talented man. Much love from Jo Woodgate UK

  169. Kim & Family, this is a time when all of the controversies and struggles truly begin -and- by no means do I discount what you and Glens children have been through with caring for this beautiful and resilient soul of a man -but- please always remember, as you go through this time or adjustment and heartache; No One outside of your immediate family unit with an Opinion or Statement; (Negative or Positive) has any true value or true knowledge what is important or valid to you and your family.

    Despite Glen’s passing, he will always be a remarkable man and I’m sure he’s strumming a heavenly guitar and holding “Thanks To The Lord” for finally allowing him to close his Journey on this earth so that he can once again recall and cherish the memories of his loving family which the devastation of Alzheimer’s temporarily took away from him.

    As you go through the motions to help Glen lay at his final resting place; please assure yourself; you and his family did the very best you could for him in his time of need because unfortunately; with media and public opinion – which we all know; like to twist things for drama and the mighty dollar; regardless of who it hurts; will start to filter out because of greed and lack of empathy for other human beings; it will cause a riff in your own emotions.

    I send my sincerest condolences and a prayer for healing to you and your family… God Bless you all…

    RIP Glen… You will always be fondly remember and loved

    Beth Gill

  170. Dorothy Mathis. says:

    We are sad for you, but you’ve been blessed, as he’s had the best of care he could have gotten, my husband has been diagnosed, but he’s isn’t accepting it, it’s just shows very little, but as his wife & caregiver, it so rough for me. We don’t have & can’t afford anyone with our help. May God Bless you & him with the great better last days. Rip, & God Bless you. Mrs. Mathis

  171. Kim, so sorry for your loss. My family has also suffered through the long, painful stages of Alzheimer’s when my father (whose name is also Glenn) passed away 3 years ago. Alzheimer’s touches many families and your faithfulness to your husband throughout, is both exemplary and inspiring! We share your trust in the Messianic hope of the world to come! Blessings to you . . .

  172. Dear Kim and Family. I’ve always considered myself a nobody in the surroundings of family and orphanages I grew into. As I grew from a Australian aboriginal child to man, I felt a certain emptiness in the presence of life and all that was given to me. But as the hairs grew upon my chest and my voice became harden to life itself, my me as a grown man became more and more known to myself as I listened to the man who loved you in marriage and kinship. Because of him, I found me amongst the torment and wreckage. I began to breath and live again! I never got to meet the man that saved me but stood behind the many faceless admirers on my TV here in Australia. I’m so sorry for your loss Kim and family. Your husband, friend, mate and lover rest in the DREAMTIME along with my Australian Aboriginal family now and I can only think and see them all around a camp fire with my Father, Mother, Sister & Brother singing about the loss of us loved ones too! Rest easy Mrs Cambell and family and THANK YOU all for being a part of my Life too!!!

  173. I have been a strong admirer of Glen’s since high school when I played his early Capital records on our local AM radio station (early 1960’s). Met his musical brother Jimmy Webb in 2008. Kim, you have been such a remarkable partner to him for the last several decades. Saw Glen and Jimmy perform with the Nashville symphony several years ago…remarkable concert.

  174. You know Glen was a believer even though we have all gone the wrong way in our lives but GOD sends people into our lives that he knows that we need to bring us back from SIN and I believe that it was GOD that put you into Glen’s life so he would not miss heaven ! Try to remember this when you get over whelmed, that you too have done well with your love and dedication to GOD ! AND YOUR REWARD IS WAITING FOR YOU . I have lost love ones to Alzheimer’s, most recently this year and I know what heart ache it is to watch those you love fade away each day . I have been diagnosed with with the beginning of this terrible disease but I have no fear because I put my trust in GOD AND WHAT EVER HAPPENS I EXCEPT IT . GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY .

  175. Me and my dad loved Glen’s music and we listened to It, I am not sure If he sang Gospel, but I do remember hearing some Gospel song’s from him, and I loved his Country Music, and Gospel too. I am sorry for the loss of your Husband, Father, and Grandfather, I’ve lost loved ones too. He Is an amazing person, and he will always be remembered for his kindness, love, and his music. The song’s I heard him sing came from his heart, as I sing as well.

    I remember when I first heard his music, when I was feeling down, I always searched up his songs, and I listened to them, and the songs he sang helped me out, whether It was Gospel or Country. Country Is one of my favorite’s, so Is Gospel, and much more. I remember listening to Rhinestone Cowboy when I was younger, and through my older years, and It’s an amazing song, I will always remember him for who he Is. May he Rest In Peace and be reunited with his family and loved ones In Heaven.

  176. Randy Rushing says:

    Sincerest loving Condolences to the Campbell family! His Music will live on forever and he will never be forgotten, Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  177. Thomas Stanford says:

    Glen has been one of my heros for many years .when I was in college(mid 70’s) I worked in a grocery store for a few months. There was an elderly lady who would come in and one day she said “you look just like Glen Campbell. Can I call you Glen”? After that she called me Glen. I sang a few of his songs at Church “Searchin Love” and “The Best is Yet to Come”. Recently as my 90 yr. Old dad was facing heart surgery I played a recording of “The Best is Yet To Come ” for my dad. His surgery went well. I am so glsd Glen knew the Lord and left quite a legacy. Gods blessings on you and may the God of all comfort , comfort your heart.

  178. Jon Pattengill says:

    I send my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Life experience has shown me that people with a lot of vitality and a lot of talent also have a much more powerful appeal as partners in life. The loss of a husband is always a tremendous one, but even moreso in the case of someone like the one you married. The magnitude of a loss like that is pretty much unthinkable and indescribable. This is essentially going to be a different life for you all now, but in hopes of helping the little bit that we can, we offer our compassion, our friendship and our support. God does indeed have the power to heal; I can testify to that personally. May He work that power upon you all.

  179. Gemma Regan says:

    Beautiful. May God comfort you and yours! Loved his music! So sad we never met him or saw him in concert. But I’m believing in a heavenly reunion some day. ✝️
    My husband danced with our 2 daughters at their weddings (daddy daughter dances) to 2 of his songs! A LADY LIKE YOU.. and I HAVE YOU! So very special. He sang to them as lullabies as babies… and we never forgot. Never will forget Glen. Love. Prayers. Peace.

  180. Jerry L Vandiver says:

    So Sad To Hear Of Mr. Glen’s Passing. Do Know He Is At Rest Now In the Glory Of Our Heavenly Father. Being A Musician ‘Guitar’, I Shall Always Have Fond Memories Of Glen & John Hartford, And Forever, They Shall Remain “”Gentle On My Mind””.

  181. Arlene Harris says:

    Kim, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but heart goes out to you and your family. Your touching words leaves me emotional, yet hopeful because having the opportunity to meet your loved one again when Christ returns is comforting. I will be praying for you and you family as this journey of loss is explored. God’s blessings on you!

  182. Dave Watson says:

    After reading your letter I am typing this note with tears in my eyes for a family and a man I didn’t know beyond his music and broadcasts.
    I am so pleased you had God in your lives to help you through the later years and the work you have in front of you.
    God bless you all.

  183. Chris Yates says:

    I loved the documentary and the honesty and love displayed there. What an amazing life he had and what an amazing family he had around him. I know God has blessed all of you and I pray that he blesses you even more, especially Kim in her work to continue the fight against the disease and his kids in their musical endeavors. The love of Jesus be with you all!

  184. Mike Poplin says:

    Kim, I have been praying for you and your family for a long time. I remember so vividly in November of 1984 when Glen called me and asked if I was interested in doing a video project for him. First I was stunned, second I was scared, and third I was shocked that Glen Campbell, THE Glen Campbell was calling me.

    I learned in a hurry that Glen, and you Kim, were 2 of the most down to earth people I knew. I enjoyed our time working together but I was always prouder to say you and Glen were my friends.

    I will continue to pray for you and your family.

    Your friend,
    Mike Poplin

  185. Alan Heller says:

    Kim though I know you from a far, I have prayed for you and your family as this battle raged for so many years. Someone said to me two years after we lost our 32 year old son to cancer. You grieve so hard because you loved so much. If we did not care we would not grieve. So grieve well and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make HIS face shine upon you and give you His Shalom. (Alan Heller Phoenix AZ Living Streams)

  186. Maria-Elena LaFlam says:

    Dear Kim, I was both saddened and relieved to hear of Glen’s passing. HIs spirit is finally free and in the company of the Lord, loved ones and of angels after the purgatory of Alzheimer. My grandmother and aunt succumbed to this horrible disease that robs one of one’s identity little by little.

    I became a fan of Glen Campbell in the 1960s in Peru after hearing By the time I get to Phoenix. I have enjoyed his music over the years. Glen was a talented man, a good man, and he touched many, many lived. He was a courageous man letting us share in his struggle, if only at a distance. In his documentary, it was hearbreaking to watch him being absorbed and isolated by the various stages of the disease, but it was also exciting to see how music brought him back to life and to us every time. He was not alone; you are not alone. God is with you. We are with you. A whole world grieves with you his passing. Thank you for letting us in. And thank you for being you. You are a beautiful human being, inside and out. Your strength, your faith, your grace have been blessings in Glen’s life. It is proof that there is a loving God. May he continue to hold you and your family in his hand until you reunite with your loving husband. Maria-Elena, one more stranger your lives has touched and inspired. God bless you!

  187. Terry Riley says:

    Kim, I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family on the loss of Glen. I cannot even imagine the pain all of you are going through right now, but know that all of us out there are going through it with you. The world has lost a music icon, one whose talent and gifts will never be duplicated. My father has dementia and it breaks my heart to see him gradually slipping away from our family–I am grateful for the time I can spend with him, one moment at a time. Glen’s documentary is a gift to all of us–a brave fight until the end. Thank you for the work you have done and continue to do for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. God Bless you.

  188. […] Back in the 1980s I was fortunate enough to meet Glen Campbell in person–in a green room before an interview.  He had his guitar and asked me to sing with him.  Now, EVERYONE knows EVERY word of EVERY song of Glen Campbell’s, but I was so nervous I couldn’t remember many.  I was so embarrassed, but Glen was very gracious.  In this link, Kim Campbell writes her letter.  CareLiving.org […]

  189. Dear Kim, I am so very sorry for your loss—with deepest sympathies, Julie

  190. LaVeda Denier says:

    Thank you Kim for staying with Glen through those hard years and helping him find the Lord. I hope you realize without you he might not have made it home to heaven. My husband has Multiple System Atrophy. It is a lot like Alzheimers in some ways, like Parkinsons in others. It’s not easy to watch but I think of you almost daily and all those years you watched Glen slowly slip away. God bless you and your children.

  191. Sorry for your loss. I met Glen in the Wisconsin dells before a concert 6 years ago. I guess it was right after the Mayo clinic visit. Still one of the nicest performers I have met but also because of boyhood heroes. Thank you for sharing his story the last few years. I am 57 years old with the same disease in my family history. . I know my clock is ticking but hopefully treatment s are being tried and medical advances continue. RIP .glen campbell. Heaven gained another cowboy

  192. I just lost my Aunt Janice on October 1st, 2017.She was only 69 and would have turned 70 on December 2, 2017.She had an advanced case and it was only 2 years since my Daddy passed away on December 22, 2015.This was the last time I saw her alive and in person and never got to say goodbye, nor did my older sister and younger brother.We just had her Memorial Service on October 19, 2017.She has two adult sons and she lived to see her first great-grandchild.Her eldest son has a daughter and she is her daughter and her youngest has a son.We all loved to visit Walt Disney World and our family helped build it and provide the roller skates, etc.Part of the big Disney Project.They took care of her at home and the time my mother found out about it and saw her, it was the last time she did also… They cremated her and she loved hot air balloons and they will scatter her ashes from one next year, if they can, in Arizona… She would love that!! I would love that myself…

    I miss Glen so much and was such a huge fan and my whole family is also.He was so talented and I so wish I had gone to see him in concert.I am looking into researching and possible employment as a Alzheimer’s Caregiver.I worked at the local Long-Term Care Facility where I live and was very comfortable in this Hall and noticed behaviors and ANY changes with all residents daily and reported them to the staff, nurses and CNA’s.I worked at the Dental School at University of Florida in 1998 and I know everyone and all schools and Smathers Library, The Brain Institute and Shands like the back of my hand! I enjoy “Legwork” and research and would love to assist with this horrible disease.Take care Kim and all other Caregivers.My next door neighbor has it also and he’s in his 80’s.His two sons who are 58 and 60 and wife need help, but are too proud and it’s taking a toll on them now.His wife will turn 80 soon but she doesn’t look it.He’s getting worse, but still walking around and we all keep an eye on him.Big Gator fan.

  193. Sandra McBride says:

    Dear Kim & Family,

    Just found your website…AWESOME & Blessings to you for all you’ve done, gone thru, survived & are doing now to help others!!
    I grew up with Glen & his incredible God-given gifts, love of music & his soul for sharing thru every avenue possible to spread his amazing talents. His charm & adorability were endless…his passion bottomless. I am still at a loss over your immense loss so early in your llives.
    I took care of my precious parents full time since 2010…Mom with Parkinsons & Dad with Alzheimers…and what a privilege & yes heartbreak…rollercoaster days on end…precious memories & relief that Mom is in Heaven with her dear Lord & Dad now in a facility after he kept escaping the house & injuries, stroke, etc. & much more…but God led us to an awesome place where they love & care for him in all the ways I could not. We have followed your journey since we found out early on Glen’s diagnosis,,,& prayed continually for your wisdom, strength & courage as a family taking care of him. You all are so precious & lifted my spirit so much in our journey & continue to do so thru all your efforts.

    Sending lots of love, prayers & hopes for your continued healing & rest & God’s amazing grace in all you do. THANK YOU for being a light in the midst of some dark days…but also so many precious memories. What an awesome family he had & has to this day…you sparkle with HIS love & heart to share this long, tough, yet such a teaching journey.

    Hugs & blessings to all those who loved & cared for this incredible human being….his spirit will live on now & forever thru your memories, his precious music & all our treasured times he so freely gave us.


    Sandy McBride
    St. Petersburg, FL

  194. Since I turned 20 and saw first hand the frightening effects of Alzheimers, I’d researched how to resist and combat the onset of the disease. With varying opinions from using steell to cook with, rather than aluminum to activities which exercise the mind, I wondered if I was doing enough to battle the assault of one of the most insidious attacks on the human spirit I’ve ever seen.

    To live and forget all that you’ve accomplished, to be a towering talent and to find yourself in a few short years unable to remember the lines to songs you’ve sung for decades…seemed a punishment too much to bear.

    Glen was my first inspiration as a boy to take up the guitar. I’d been sitting in the back of my father’s radio station as he ran his afternoon boardshift when the the opening riff of that guitar flowed through the monitor speakers in the work space behind the control room. Riveted by the chords, the lyrics, and the arrangement, I listened, barely breathing as a young guy named Glen Campbell delivered the words of Jimmy Webb to my tiny world, western Kansas, beneath the radiating tower, in the mowed out middle of a wheat field.

    From mid America to the dirt track of a city in Bolivia and the festering civil conflict following the execution of Che Guevara, I had little care for much else than the oddly resonant Major 7ths of that song and others that Glen crooned through the decades, scrubbing over Southern Nights trying to pick the notes from the intro he played as he opened the hit to millions.

    The point is that living is its own journey. We can try to combat one assault after another, but although we prepare, nature, some illness, the drawn out effects of cancer, or the dementia of Alzheimers can still drag us to a stop, like an antelope in the crushing jaws of a lion, its terrified pulse pounding as its life ebbs away.

    Alzheimers terrified me for decades, as I played, wrote songs, and even books, sought diet fixes…and watched my musical hero as he passed through the radiant gates of heaven. Your family shows so many of the earmarks of a father whose life blessed countless millions.

    Thank you for starting this site…and I hope what you’ve done will help me to find my own peace of mind as I now educate myself from your efforts to reach out.

    Wayne Cook

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