Eulogy for Glen Campbell

Kim Campbell's eulogy for her husband, Glen Campbell

For those who could not attend the memorial service for Glen Campbell, held at the Country Music Hall of Fame on August 24th, 2017, CareLiving would like to share Kim Campbell’s eulogy to her late husband.

Kim Campbell's eulogy to her late husband, Glen Campbell


A full account of this wonderful celebration of Glen’s life and music can be found at:


  1. Amen, this is so beautiful and such a fitting analogy. May God’s Grace and Light also shine upon you all as you face the days ahead. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Steven R Dutton says:

    Incredible words from a devoted wife and friend. Thank you Kim for sharing your beautiful words.

  3. Beautifully stated words Kim… We will all miss him. He will live on through his music, and the wonderful life Legacy of his children left behind. Be strong Kim, and cherish his memory. May he rest in peace.

  4. Esther Skogstad says:


  5. colleen callea says:

    very touching and most beautiful

  6. Glen lives on in the hearts and
    Minds of all who love himx

  7. Carole McComas says:


  8. Such a beautiful and comforting eulogy. I also saw that diamond ring effect and thought about it being a sign of acknowledgement. Watching that eclipse was the first day I felt the heaviness of my sorrow lift. Thank you and bless you Kim.

  9. Beautiful Kim❤️❤️❤️

  10. George Benzie says:

    Beautiful xxxx

  11. June Shelton Perkins says:

    God bless you and all the family

  12. Maybelle Long says:

    Kim and family, Your Glen was and is a household name in my family. While my six children were growing up, I listened to Glen as I did my housework. I am so saddened that he had such a horrible disease. Yesterday as I looked for my older records I had packed away of Glen, I was pleasantly surprised to find about 5 of them. I brought them upstairs, cleaned them and today I played some of them. It is so sad to know that he is gone, but how fortunate we, you and his family are that you could spend so many happy years with him and enjoy your family life with him. His voice and his songs keep lingering in my head and that makes me happy. I am a believer and so I see Glen Campbell in Heaven singing his favorite tunes. May God Bless each one of Glen’s family with the strength and faith to know that someday you will meet him again. I’m certain Glen is looking down on each one of you and is looking over you. YOUR SPECIAL ANGEL.

  13. Patrick MacLeod says:

    That was really beautiful. I’ve been listening to like a Rhinestone Cowboy for over 40 years every time I get more out of the songs

  14. Jim McCall says:

    I’m certain Glen would be so proud of this letter but I suspect he’s not surprised!

  15. Having lost my boyfriend to Lewy Bodies Dementia in November, I understand what you are saying. May they both rest in peace. We will see them again. God bless us all.

  16. William Clark Douglas (Billy Clark) says:

    Kim, may God grant you and the family peace and love.

  17. Dana Jensen says:

    Very touching words. Kim please know that we fans love Glen SO MUCH and always will.

  18. Jacqueline Jeffries says:

    I remember you and Glen from North Phoenix Baptist Church when Richard Jackson was the Pastor; we attended the same Bible Study class. He is at peace!

  19. Kim,
    I cannot even begin to imagine the grief that you and the Campbell family are experiencing! I am comforted by the fact that Glen is in the best place, heaven, and next to God at His right hand. I grew up from knee high to a grasshopper loving the music that your husband put out. He was a natural with so many supreme God given abilities I remember for my 12th birthday (1977) as my birthday gift my mom promised to take me to see Glen in concert, but she forgot to secure tickets for his show. When she did, he was sold out. My aunt and godmother got me his double record set of his live performance at the Royal Philharmonic Hall in Philadelphia and I bought my first record of his (Greatest Hits, Glen with an orange shirt on the cover, with blue and yellow lettering) after joining RCA Music Club. My love for his music grew steadily over the years as did my sympathies for him, you and the Campbell family during his courageous battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. I so wanted Glen to wake up one day and be completely free of Alzheimer’s Disease.
    I commend you on the strength you exhibit in dealing with such an overwhelming level of grief.

    I have a strong desire to purchase his ” That Christmas Feeling” and his “Greatest Hits” (described above, Glen wearing orange shirt with blue and yellow lettering on the album) on CD, but can only find them in record format. These albums have and always will hold a special place in my heart as they introduced me to Glen Campbell for the very first time in my life and mark a hunger for his music like no other artist has ever had on me.

    Please be assured of my prayers for you and the whole Campbell family and your friends. Glen is sorely missed and no one can take his place. I like forward to seeing him in heaven one day where hopefuilly my guitar playing skills with be worthy of a duet with him.

    Philip G. Glatz
    Massillon, OH

  20. Lonnie Peterson says:

    The day before Glen died, I looked up his last album, Adios, and ended up creating a playlist of 94 of some of my favorites of his songs. I istened to Glen’s music all night, never sleeping a wink. The 8th was my birthday. I heard one of Glen’s songs playing at the restaurant where I had lunch and another while in an ice cream shop. It wasn’t until I got home late that day that I learned of his passing. God truly blessed Glen, and all of us, with his music that we will have to cherish throughout the rest of our lives. I hope I get to meet him someday and thank him for his faithfulness to share his gift of song. God speed healing to your hearts.

  21. Aurora Myers says:

    Beautiful and touching eulogy!! Prayers for your family!!!

    Rest in Love, Glenn!!!!

  22. Andrea Alfred says:

    Kim, our friend Corry’s son Beau’s gravesite is just a few yards from my mom’s, and I think of him and Glen, now both with clear minds, jamming together in Heaven. Along with Corry’s beautiful voice, we can look forward to some great music there.

  23. Debbie Sampson says:

    Just a beautiful analogy from your eyes. I will continue to pray for you to find peace and carry on doing such great work.

  24. Kim,
    May you and your family be comforted with wonderful memories of Glen, knowing that he rests forever safely and lovingly in the arms of his Heavenly Father.

  25. Kim and family,

    Thoughts of you delve into my days but mostly in the evening when we are outside looking at the stars and listening to Glenn’s CD’s. He truly was gifted and we are happy that his legacy is one of love, devotion and happiness in spite of his illness. You can rest assured that he will greet you all with clarity of mind and song in his heart. God bless, dear friend.

    Karen Cavan

  26. Gail Hedrick says:

    Dear Kim, my heart was broken with the passing of Glen. To read your beautiful eulogy, it truly, touched my heart. I am living, right now, with a husband, whom has had ALZ.’s., now, for three years. I cherish each & every day we are having with one another. Kim, you have been brave sharing your journey, before & after regarding Glen. Thank-you. May God Bless you, Dear Kim & the whole CAMPBELL Clan. In Christ’s Love, Gail Hedrick

  27. tears and more tears…losing my first wife to cancer just four years ago, I know first hand the trauma of caregiving, what terror accompanied her quick paralysis as our family struggled to help her do the simple things of life. God bless you Kim for doing this page…

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