There’s No Me Without You

There's No Me Without You - a Valentine's Day blog post from Kim Campbell for

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was thinking about how wonderful it is to be in love and what a gift it is to be able to express your love to someone.

“… a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” – Genesis 2:24

Ideally, when a man and woman ‘become one flesh,’ they complement and complete each other by bringing something good to the relationship that the other person lacks. Love unites them physically, spiritually and mentally. When a spouse gets Alzheimer’s, it can affect this relationship profoundly.

Alzheimer’s is one of the most feared diseases for many reasons: the fear of losing our memories, our dignity, our independence and our relationships, and perhaps most of all, the fear of losing ourselves!

I have the same fear.
I’m losing the person who completed me
and am left to wonder who I will be without him.

As his sense of self began to diminish, Glen’s song, There’s No Me Without You, took on a deeper meaning for both of us. He increasingly relied on my love and constant care to keep him from fading away. I became so overwhelmed by his needs that I neglected my own. God came through at just the right time and blessed me with the support team that I needed to take care of Glen and just as importantly, to take care of myself.

Since Glen is no longer aware of Valentine’s Day, I will play this song for myself as a Valentine from him to me. Although in many ways I feel alone, he will always be a part of me. There’s no me without him.

There’s No Me Without You

Written by Glen Campbell, Julian Raymond

The sun doesn’t have to shine
It doesn’t matter what I do
There’s no me without you
We never have to be afraid
Heaven is a place for two
There’s no me without you
We shall be forever two
There’s no me without you

Once upon a lonely day
God came through
He Blessed me with you
I’m never gonna fade away
Your love won’t allow me to
Can’t you see, I love you?

We shall be forever two
There’s no me without you


  1. Susan Peterson-Parsons says:

    Thank you, I will play it for us on Valentine’s Day!

  2. I am a widow, and this resonates with me. Thank you

  3. I love this beautiful song; I must have played Glen’s “Ghost on the Canvas” CD 50 times in a row when I first got my hands on it, even my 4 year old sings along now!
    Happy Valentines Day to Kim and Glen, love and blessings to you borh

  4. Thank you, Kim! What a lovely song for Valentine’s Day for caregivers. May the love of family and friends surround you this day.

  5. Deborah Yohannah Peterson says:

    Beautiful. <3 You're in my prayers, Kim.

  6. Thinking of you both! What you’re both experiencing is hard. Bless you Mrs Campbell for sticking through to love!

  7. This was nice…I’m friends with Matt so I follow some of your family stuff….this was very cool…thanks and this makes me think!

  8. Patti Berman says:

    Kim – you are such an inspiration. Thank you.

  9. Nice post and beautiful memories Kim. Thinking of you and Glen this Valentine’s Day. Thank you.

  10. Thank You and Blessings.

  11. Robin Fischette says:

    Wow that was just profoundly beautiful. I hope that Glen somehow senses your love even now. I pray that you are getting lots of hugs and love from your family and friends. We all need it!

  12. After 45 years of marriage I miss her , song fits many of us , Blessings to you and Glenn

  13. Kim, cherish the moments you have with Glen its good to see a smile on his face. 🙂 Lance passed away Nov 4, 2013 from Alzheimer’s and he is still in my heart and I find myself seeing the world differently and seeing people in a different life. I feel I have grown from this even tho it has been hard.

  14. Susan Holberg says:

    Thank you Kim. I follow you faithfully. You are such an inspiration for me. My husband has been diagnosed with dementia/ alzheimers. My soul is so broken watching him leave me everyday. We have been together 37 yr. Thank You for sharing your storys,thoughts,and Love. Susan❤

  15. This is a profound experience for you now. In my widowhood, I hold on to the thought that we may be separated physically, but will always be one as God joined us into one.

  16. My husband lost his fight against Alzheimer’s in May of 2016 and crossed over to where he is no longer in pain. After 57 years together I honor his strength and courage. Love to you Kim as you hold Glenn’s hand and proudly walk with him on his final journey.

  17. Glen never sounded better. And love never truer that what you share.

  18. You are an awesome lady, he will always know, he was never alone and was loved

  19. Julie McPhie Titcomb says:

    Your a truely lovely lady. The love you have given to Glen and your kids is amazing. What a great gift you all have given this world with “I’ll Be Me” and “Ghost on the Canvas”. It’s more difficult than anyone can know, for sure, but you and your sweet kids are a true inspiration. Thank you so much. Much love and admiration to you.

  20. I am a widow, this means a lot to me. I’ve always liked Glen’s music.

  21. Fred Williams says:

    I have so many memories of Glen’s songs. I remember buying the first 8 track for my new 68 camaro with Glen singing “Hey Little One”. My all time favorite was Glen’s love song “A Lady Like You”. What a voice! Thanks for sharing Kim. I got married on Valentines Day yesterday and played your song for my new bride.

  22. karen Edwards says:

    such a beautiful soon my heart goes out to you and your family, I am eternally grateful that I never had to suffer as you and your family have you are all in my prayers, god bless glenn xxxx

  23. Beautiful

  24. I think of you both and the family offen. I have played many of Glens songs every day. When I lost my love of my life almost 2 years ago. I felt so empty.. Iwas his caregiving for 9years. I play Glens songs and I feel better. Still feel that’ empty feeling many a day.I know Bob, my husband is in a a better place. So many days when he was fighting ALZHEIMER’S broke my heart that he was slipping away and not knowing me. What hurt so much is there was nothing I could do nothing. Except giving him all the love I could give him. Hold him knowing he was so scared not knowing anyone but at the end .. . God helped him knowing my daughter and grandsons. He passed away March 1st 2015 on his 83rd Birthday.He was at home and I was able to keep my promise to him that he wouldn’t go into a nursing home. That seemed to the only wish that he ever had. I was able to complete that wish. I thankMcLaren Hospice for all the help they gave us the last 3 days of his life. My love goes out to you all… Memories are the greatest gift to hold on to. My love goes out to you all.

  25. Cherie Reid says:

    Thank you, Kim, for your inspiration and courage. It’s so hard to watch the ones we love decline – hard to comprehend the fear they have by simply not knowing what they should do next, not knowing where they should be, forgetting even the things we take for granted, like knowing how to eat and drink. We buried our dad on Valentine’s Day 2017. He was our hero – a WWII veteran. Following his military service, he worked his way up the ladder to manage an engineering department before retiring after 38 years. Before his Alzheimers got severe, as he started losing his ability to communicate, he used to lament on how it was possible for this to happen to him, when he used to be in charge of an engineering department and used to travel the US and give reports at company meetings in front of a room full of engineers. When we would try to explain the disease to him, I think he thought we were labeling him as “crazy”. So heartwrenching. Now we are supporting his wife, our mom, who has her own form of dementia. We are thankful that God is there to give us strength and peace and for the encouragement and bravery of those who are on the journey of caregiving . . . whatever personal battlefield has presented itself.

  26. MYRNA JOHNSON says:


  27. Rusty Burton says:

    Our hearts and love for the music of Glen will live on forever, as his love for you and his kids will. My Dad was diagnosed with dementia a year ago, and his memory on current stuff isn’t the best, but we know what faces us ahead. Prayers for all caregivers and loved ones of those with dementia/alzheimers. This song is beautiful!

  28. My Mom had Alzheimers for 19 years. She is always with me. You and Glen are in my prayers.

  29. I am truly blessed by this song. I am taking care of my husband with Alzheimers & I am reaching out to all the help & advice I can get. I am overwhelmed & so depressed over losing my beloved one day at a time. Kim you are a saint to reach out after such a loss of such a talented man.My husband and I saw him at the Grand Ole Opry many times. Please know I am praying for you & your precious family. I wish I could meet you & share some tears & memories. I am living in Michigan, wish I was closer. Love Pat Gors,

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