Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Your Words Have Power, Give Yourself a Pep Talk - by Kim Campbell

I’ve faced a lot of challenges in my life, as we all have. My parents got a divorce when I was a child and, later, I cared my mother in our home for more than 10 years as she suffered with and eventually passed from Ataxia. I helped my husband overcome substance abuse for many years and am now his caregiver while he very publicly battles Alzheimer’s – yet I’m always being told: “Kim, you’re such a strong woman!” I can’t speak for how strong I might or might not be, but I do know that I am a good coach and give a mighty good pep talk, especially to myself.

I believe that there is power in the spoken word. In my daily self-pep-talks I repeat:

I am strong. I can do this. I made it through today, I can make it through tomorrow. This too shall pass. My God is bigger than this problem!”

As you can imagine, I talk to myself A LOT!

I could just as easily convince myself otherwise. I could complain, become angry or make like a banana (and split!) – but those responses would go against everything I believe in and hurt everyone I care about, including me, in the end. When a negative or defeating thought pops into my head, I refuse to accept it or let it come out of my mouth.

Sometimes there is strength and courage in what you DON’T say or do.

Give yourself a pep talk today. Encourage yourself or someone else. Be the positive voice in a support group. Get involved in advocacy and speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

Your words have power. Use them for good.

– Kim Campbell

* if you need a little inspiration to get you started on your pep talk, learn from the best:


  1. Winnie Goldsberry says:

    No truer words Kim. Alzheimer’s is a true test to the caregivers and family members who have a loved one battling this horrible disease. A friend of mine lost his lovely wife at 47 to this disease. She was so young and it was like she had speed Alzheimer’s and passed away in one year. He grieved for her and finally after six years met a lovely widow in his church and they married. After about six years she was diagnosed with it. He now has her in a place like you have Glen and cares for her every single day. For her safety he had to move her there. Not an easy decision for him and I know it wasn’t for you either. I don’t know where he has gotten his strength and he has been fighting this disease with his past and present loves for over 20 years. I know he find the positive everyday and that is what gets him through each day. Prayers for you and the family. I know Glen is fine, being loved by family. You all just take time to love one another.

  2. Elaine Miller says:

    I too have a spouse with Alzheimer’s. he was diagnosed 10 years ago. He is still st home. This is the worst disease that any human can endure. I too keep my thoughts positive but there are times when I question why. For him and for me

  3. Becci Loomer says:

    Hi Mrs. Campbell,
    I am sure you have and will recieve millions of heart felt notes during this time of sorrow. Mine is one of the same but I will tell you I also had Alzheimer’s touch my life. Its a horrible, mean, and all around tough disease to deal with. When I watched the documentary you all made my mom was in the same stage. It was hard enough handling her at home I cannot imagine doing that on the road. I to am a musican and grew up admiring Glen Campbell,his talent, along with playing and singing his legend. Thank you for bringing awareness to Alzheimer’s in such an intimate time in your family’s life. That is an amazing gift and a great awareness. May you find comfort and healing in this time of sadness. Thank you for having the strenght to share and for being a solid touchtone for your family.
    Becci Loomer

  4. Thank you for all you and your family has done to shine a light on this disease. You have given many us of courage and strength thru your sharing. I lost my father to it, and now stepmom is in mid to late stages and my partner is in early stage. It is a horrible disease.

  5. Yes we stay positive. Being negative. Can’t help. Alzheimer is one of the worst thing that can happen to a person and their family. I live for each moment in a day. Waiting for the wonderful moment. That help you to stay. Positive.

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